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The List

somewhere on the list should be, "Be more like the cat. Take time to just look out the window at the beauty of the world

I've never done a "list" before.... not for myself and my own endevers anyways. But thanks to my participation in this little honey of a project this is the year I make.... "The List". (dundundun DUUUUUNNNNN)
The thing is... I'm not exactly a list person. I think my problem is that I have a hard time distinguishing my "to-do" list from my "goal" list and then to add in a "dreams list" may be pushing my mental organization limits but maybe one thing that should go on my list is "organize brain. stat" it's just a matter of figuring out which list to stick it in since it could possibly apply to all. SO- I'm going to make three lists. I'll start with my "List of Dreams" since that's really what this assignment is all about. I'll move on to my "List of Goals" and end with my "To-Do" list (which knowing me, will be the longest of them all). Here we go.


Someday, hopefully soon I dream of finishing my education. I've never had such a strong desire before and I think it's because I keep getting closer to knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I dream that I am able to educate Sage at home. He needs that. Iris probably won't but Sage really needs to be homeschooled.

I dream that I will own my own business. A collaboration of other artists and crafters coming together and guiding our community in finding their own creative rhythm.

I dream that someday I will travel to another country... a country that I can stay in and volunteer, doing whatever it takes to help them with their most pressing needs. A village with no clean water? A community wrecked by natural disaster? A school that needs to be built, children that need a safe way to live, farms that need to be cultivated to support an entire community? Whatever it is... I'm there.

I dream of building our family a modern, sustainable home nestled in the midst of serene nature (a waterfall perhaps? that would ROCK to live next to a waterfall) without harmfully impacting the surrounding area.

I dream about going to Tuscany, to the very place that this movie was filmed.

I dream of moving our family into an entirely gluten free/vegetarian life

this list will remain open, adding as I dream

GOALS (short and long):

Make a beautiful home, starting with curtains for my craft room.

Fill out FAFSA form

Paint the hallway an amazing color of yellow

stick to these little assignments and these ones too.

FINALLY figure out a family budget already!!!! GEEZ!

make. something. every. day.

this list will remain open, adding goals as they come

fold laundry
switch out cabinet in livingroom to store Iris's play kitchen things
cover the window in the craft room with flannel (brrrr....)
hang my "something pretty"
post office
check for ballet
call Orbit for my customer who has an issue with her car seat base
cereal? Mesa Sunrise?
definitely milk
2010 planner! Pier One? Got an amazing planner there last year for something like 75% off.


ABCcreativity said...

love it!
maybe being more like the cat should be on everyone's list!

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow creative dreamer! I loved reading your lists and being inspired by them. I have Celiacs Disease so I really enjoyed checking out the links on your page as well. Happy Dreaming! said...

I love your lists!! I am a list maker, crazy long lists all the time! But, these, they are good.