The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


A girl on a mission.

creative assignment #11- no words.
creative assignment #10- too many words

Holy. Mutha=Trucker... Mccabe has put it all out on the line for our little group of creative thinkers by handing out creative assignment #10.
I saw it up there a few days ago and I pretended I didn't. Then I remembered... then I tried to forget. Then I got panicky and then I calmed down and now I'm just sitting here trying to think think think and organize my thoughts.
The assignment is to state my blog mission.
Uncomfortable and itchy.

but the more I think about it... the more I have doubt. Maybe that IS my mission statement for my blog. I mean, I declare right there in my title that "I am unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others" but I'm not so sure. It seems unfinished.

I thought that that was my blog mission statement but it's not. It's just what I guess I'm trying to achieve. but how do I do that? I'm thinking that my mission statement needs to outline exactly how I do that. And for me, it's a little bit of a mish mash where everything in my life intersects and affects my art, my marriage, my spirit, my children, the food I eat, the places I play and the way I reach out.

I was in the middle of writing this, it was sitting in the "saved" folder, unpublished and when I came back to work on it some more, I found a lovely little comment from another creative dreamer, >Mina. And she gave me some beautiful words that made me take a deep breath and quiet my mind and let my thoughts and words flow (thank you Mina) and then a wonderful email from Andrea (of creative dreamers)... just encouraging me and acknowledging my self doubts, reassuring me... it was perfect timing for both of them and it was just what I needed.

So- on that note. Here is my mission statement for my blog.

"Reluctant Mermaid: one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others"

My mission is to see art, children, family, crafts, words and love as a growth opportunity by reaching out to those who inspire and to be brave and true while I do it. I am enough. I am enough. I am more than enough... and I need to start to believe that.

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