The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



Last week I was off to an amazing start, feeling SO confident about myself- feeling brave enough to call myself an artist and to never give up.
Well, this week... actually just today I feel a little lost, a little like "am I just a copycat of all these other amazing women that I want to be inspired by?". I feel a little lost in the blog world, a little like I don't really belong.
GOD that feels awful to being saying that about myself.
How the hell did THAT happen?


mina said...

Hi ... found you through the ABC Creativity website and noticed you're a follower of the Dancing Mermaid, who I love:)

I hear you on the copycat thing and what the heck am I doing in this blog world. But that's those gremlins (I think that's what the woman who wrote the Artist's Way calls them) trying to keep us down. The mind is so comfortable staying put and it's afraid of the possibilities we can achieve, especially when those possibilities create a comfortable discomfort, and poke and provoke us. But that poking and provoking will eventually elevate us.

Sometimes I feel like the things on my blog or my art should be so much more profound and have something to say. And to me, they never seem to. But at the same time, sometimes I just like to relish in the simple, beauty and joy of things.

Anyway, sorry to drag on. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in those feelings. Here's a great poem that I love. Wanted to share. Oh, and cute kitty:)


The Whole Self said...


i was without a laptop and interweb-searching capacity for a whhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiile and i'm just getting back into cyberspace today. and i BOOKMARKED your BLOG! you know, so I WON'T LOSE IT AGAIN! and i love the changes you are making here, and your bravery. YOU inspire ME. xx