The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Grand Tour

I always think about the crap in my house. The dirty sock, flattened like a pancake and kicked into the corner next to the bathroom door. The uncapped dried out orange marker that has rolled under a chair filled with cracker crumbs and a sticky dollop of yogurt. The wires upon wires upon tangled wires that are STILL under the desk after being disconnected from at least 4 different computers in 5 years (aHEM husband... will you please get ON THAT!) and the pair of little boy boxers, an unclothed babydoll, a hanger and an empty jewelry box that have been dumped on the landing at the bottom of the stairs along with half crumples grocery receipts and at least 3 hair elastics.
But then like before, there are these funny little treasures all around. Things that make me stop and love all the bits and peices around the minefield of litter in our home. Here is a grand tour of the favorite, the bizarre and the precious little corners of our house:

one of my favorite little walls, the one in my studio with my inspiration board and my three project folders: CRAFT, SEW, QUILT


chalice city. (We're UU's... our home without a chalice is like a Catholic front yard without a Mary ) and that photo is of Dellie... Alex's mom who has been gone for 12 years.

overflow parking

the "all seasons" shelf. It was suppose to be cleared out and refilled with whatever was needed for that season but they all got confused. So we have sun block swimming among the ice scrapers and shell guides and sea shore encyclopedias wedged between mittens and halloween pumpkins and jump ropes and scarves.

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Cindie said...

I love all these photos, but it made me a little sad that Alex's mom never got to know her two fantastic grandchildren. I know part of her lives in Alex so at least they'll get a little Dellie in their lives.