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New Love

Back in September- right about when I had my miraculous self discovery that went a little something like this, I had read a blog entry by one of my favorites, Soule Mama. It featured a photo of many many many perfect wee skirts for her little wee daughter. I thought, "oh hey- I have one of those! (little wee daughters, not skirts)
and then I thought, "oh hey- I've never sewn a stitch in my life! (with the exception of a cute little Waldorf star fairy when I was pregnant with Iris)
and then I thought, "oh hey- maybe someday, along my journey I will learn to sew... like, with a MACHINE (oooo.... aaaaaa.... scaaaaaaaary....)

And just like that, I got a brand spankin' new sewing machine, followed the link from Soule Mama's blog to the free pattern and... may I present to you... Iris's first "Mama Made It" skirt:

I can't say it was easy, it took me about an hour... but I can say that something completely clicked and I believe that I have found a new love.


Schriftstellar said...

Have I mentioned lately how awesome I think you are? Because really: that skirt is so adorable! (I meant what I said on Facebook about the grown-up sizes, too. ;))


Audri said...

Maybe this will get me inspired to pull out my sewing machine! But I have no little girls to make skirts for. I would like a wrap skirt for me though! :) And a few purses. :)

Anonymous said...

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jenica said...

that is so cute!
want to make three more for my girls? hehe