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Panic at the Disco

I wish it WERE the disco... but it's more like "panic at the bank account"
There is so much more to rant into about the state of our government, the cut-off income for aide, the price of fucking ORANGE JUICE, shelling out over $300 in one month for doctors appointments, THERAPIST APPOINTMENTS TO DISCUSS THE PANIC OVER THIS MONEY STRESS, that's right- it's costing me MONEY to talk about how money sends me into a depressed spiral! HA! That friggin cracks me up.
Here's the real deal-
I'm almost out of milk
We have no juice for the babygirl
We still haven't paid off last years oil- does that mean that we don't get oil this year?
I have over $200 in checks, floating out there in the world and my checking account is in the red.

Here's the realer deal-
Alex gets paid tomorrow- that will cover half the insuffient fund charges that we've incurred.
We can buy milk and juice tomorrow
We can pay the oil company less than $100 to tide them over.
We can last for a few more days.

Maybe it will be enough to stop the tears from welling up and my heart from pounding out of my chest with panic.
How did we get here in three short months?
Alex says I should chant to help with my anxiety:
Om Namah Shivaya Don't Panic
Om Namah Shivaya Don't Panic
Om Namah Shivaya Don't Panic......


Schriftstellar said...

You just left our house, but I'm still thinking of you!


audrirene said...

I got brave and checked my checking, if you can, I can. The bad is that I bounced twice this month, ouch! The really bad, there is only 84 in the account and 139 is deducted on Friday. The good? The unemployment decision was REVERSED! Hoping it goes in by Fri. I wonder if that means my food stamps go bye bye? We will see. No freaking out, all will be okay. It has to be, we haven't come this far just to fall apart. xoxoxox