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"it's my favorite and my best": issue #4

"Did you know really, Lotta.... that Autumn is absolutely most definitely my favorite and my best season"

Blog: not martha clean, uncluttered and inspiring in the creativity department. Yet not as "icey" as "THE" Martha.

oh... ya.... I got my porn in the mail this week...

Eat: I just finished eating this right before writing my post and it STILL resonates within my palate. Magnificent!
Although my taste was a little soured watching my son pick the most microscopic bits of onion out of his "quest for the best" chicken noodle soup (this was soup #6 in the line-up... it didn't pass the test). Yes, I feed my children different dinners than what Alex and I eat... because, well- because it's better than watching them act like I just poisoned them with a slow death trying to introduce more flavorful offerings.

Cause: The blogging world can be an amazing place. It's where I found that two completely different worlds, mine and Stephanie Nielsen (a blogger that I have admired for the past few months) could meet and heal along with thousands of others who love her in equal ways. I found that I could and WOULD put aside any personal/spiritual/political differences when I first discovered her blog. Because, well, she was just such a lovely woman who spoke the truths about parenting and the sacredness of a loving marriage and the fulfillment that creativity plays in her life. All things that I just KNEW I could benefit from seeing how much those things mean to anyone. Now Nie and her darling husband Christian are laying in recovery from a terrible plane accident. I think the entire blogging community is waiting on pins and needles to hear how they will do and we are all, in whatever form is natural to us- to whatever belief system we are part of, praying and wishing and hoping that they can see and hold their four babies soon. If you haven't heard of this- it's alright, just know that sometimes when you least expect it- ten thousand prayers can come flying at you when you need them most.

Image: I'm just going to go for it and toot my own horn here. Toot! Toot! Look at the pretty pottery pin I made! I can't stop looking at it! Even blurry! You know what this means Shelley? This means that I will FINALLY be mailing you your prize soon!

Song: Feist getting feisty (oh I kill me) with some monsters and chickens on Sesame Street makes me smile. (and it is my secret ambition to take my life and make a big dance number out it, choreographed in the style of Feist and all her big dance numbers)

Shop: As part of my new "organized life: CHECK" campaign that I'm on... I decided that I was going to take it upon myself to ensure that my child not be left out of the "celebration cupcakes" that each of the other children partake in when there is a birthday at school. I have baked up a batch of gluten free chocolate cupcakes. I have frozen them with the intention of pulling them out one by one as needed. I have procured a jar of ready made gluten free frosting. Which brings me to my product that I found and I want to flaunt here; an INDIVIDUAL cupcake holder! Brilliant! This will make my year SO much easier! This will shoot down all those times that I sent him with a few crumbly g/f cookies in a baggie... this will be outstanding, stupendous, FANTASTIC! This will gain me fame and fortune and the respect of third graders, and room mothers everywhere! THIS WILL HELP ME RULE THE FREE WORLD!!!!!! Um.. ehem... ah... ya- it holds cupcakes. Sorry, got carried away there... I'm just excited about it.

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Shelly! said...

Oh toot your horn Kat! That looks fabulous (and in my wicked witch voice I'm saying, and it's mine, all mine!).

I love the blogosphere's reaction to the Nielsen family. It is amazing what this technology gets us.

And I LOVE these entries that you do!