The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


in case you miss me

You can always come back and enjoy my yearbook photo circa 1960. I know what you're thinking.... "Kat would NEVER do her hair like that..." but seriously- it was the sixties man, and cat-eye glasses, and up-do's were practically the UNIFORM for living...
Take care my friends. Keep me in your thoughts. I need those good wishes.


Katja said...

Kate, Im sorry your having such a hard time lately, but I know your strong, and you will make it through.

(stupid, cheesy advice evryone has been giving me. thought id pass it on!! :) )

be well.


Katja said...

Yep, I will be home home HOMEEE soon!! Very excited. Thrilled at the prospect of seeing everyone again. Cant wait to hear Iris´s "my Katja" , although, when she gets the present I got her, she may not be interested in ME anymore. ( she DOES like princesses, right?)