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Deer Ticks, Camp Overnight Grumblings and John Kerry- OH MY!

::The little darling defenseless baby was bit by two deer ticks on Sunday. So was her big-daddy. He seems fine so far. Babygirl now has the early symptoms of Lymes Disease which (thank the mother-truckin' UNIVERSE) we were on keen alert for. High, VERY high fever, and the tell-tale ringed rash around one of the bites. She is being treated and will recover from that but is still so feverish and lethargic that we are now on the watch for dehydration. We may be headed to the childrens ER if she doesn't improve.

::Yesterdays big parade in "America's Hometown" of Plymouth MA sported a surprising "celebrity" politician. That there is my husband in that picture... shaking Mr. John Kerry's hand.

::Camp is friggin AWE.SOME! Camp overnights in which you have in-depth conversations about food ingredients with the camp director and you spend at least one hour packing, prepping and writing a detailed letter to all responsible parties about your little campers Celiac and the fact that you went over everything with the director and that he could ONLY and I mean ONLY have the food LISTED IN DETAIL ON THIS letter... the letter you are holding in your hand and reading RIGHT NOW and that if there was ANY. QUESTION. WHAT-SO-EVER about ANYTHING THAT WAS ON THIS LIST OR ANYTHING that the little camper with Celiac was consuming that was NOT on the list that we, his parents were to be CONTACTED IMMEDIATELY and we were so serious in fact that we listed not one, not two but THREE different telephone numbers in which we could be reached and there should have been no straying from what we, his parents, the writers of the Very Specific Food letter wrote so WHY in fact did the little camper come home from said overnight saying that he had a hot dog? Yes, a hot dog. An Illegal hot dog that was not discussed as "safe food" and was strictly forbidden when Camp Director mentioned it and ALSO NOT ON THE FUCKING LIST! It was NOT ON THE LIST yet the little camper ate one... some idiot counselor gave MY SON WITH CELIAC, MY SON WHO WAS ARMED WITH a "Very Specific Food" letter something that was. not. on. the. list.
Camp Director was officially ripped a new one upon little campers return to home that night. Camp Director will officially have to face the Big Bad Mama Bear on Monday morning. Camp Director better be prepared.

That's all... I have to go now and drape my sticky, feverish, dehydrated daughter back over my heart... because we all know that that is the only place where she can be cared for the best.


Schriftstellar said...

I'm so glad you were on the watch for Lyme's and that you were able to get it treated quickly! Hope that babe of yours gets on the mend soon (and please CALL US if you need anything at all.)

As for the camp roar, mama bear! (Jeesh, what *is* it about people not taking dietary restrictions seriously?)

And John Kerry? Swoon. ;)

Anonymous said...

YOU WERE THERE TOO??????????????????
I missed seeing the Mermaid and fam in person, but HELLO, my daughter and John Kerry had their pic taken together too (check my blog).
However, I can't see your pic. Whatupwiththatlady?
And schriftsellar is right--JK is a hottie (I nearly froze).
Anyway, I really hope your son is OK today. I do believe some adults can't read. Or at least read and comprehend.
How's your daughter doing this morning? Fever down? sheeh! You've had some week. But how cute is Kerry. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Just responded to you on my comment thread, but yes! will be there on Sat.!!!! Free cupcakes? AND I get to meet you in person?!!! I'm all over it. Can't wait :)

elissa said...

i want to hear what happened to the camp director. I love hearing your stories.

Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed Sat.! I had totally forgotten my son's gymnastics class. Need a redo.