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Behold... the mighty Chalice!

This is our Family Chalice that I just picked up today at Ruthies shop. We made it a while back and Ruthie put the finishing touches on it for us. It has four little totems on it, each one representing each one of us.
Alex: G clef
Kat: bird
Iris: Bunny
Sage: "Popular Trading Card Characture, with some name like "Ichachew" or "Trehobazole"... either way, it requires a lengthy conversation about how it "evolved" and what kind of "damage" it can do."

What is a Chalice you ask? Well, before I go into talking about our Unitarian Universalist "religion" (and only other UU's may understand why I chose to put that into quotations) I just want to say that it doesn't really matter who you are and what you believe... as long as it's right for you and what you are doing is not causing physical or mental harm to you or anyone else.
And now... go read about what a Chalice is... educate yourself.
My family will be lighting our new family chalice tonight for the first time with the following:

Let this flame be to us a symbol of the wholeness we seek,
its brightness dispelling gloom, lighting a path to faith and hope,
Its glow reminding us of the sacred bonds which link us to all people,
its radiance calling us to cast the light of freedom, justice and peace upon all the world.


Schriftstellar said...

The words of that "chalice lighting" always sound like home to me---in September it'll be 23 years since I first heard them---and it makes me really happy to think of you guys using them to light your own beautiful chalice for the first time.

(Nice job with the quotations too, by the way. I think you used them appropriately. ;-))

elissa said...

very nice! very nice indeed!

audrirene said...


Shelly! said...

I love that!

Eric and I joined UU about six months ago and are loving our spiritual journey. After years of a more traditional church service I love the ringing of the bell, the lighting of the chalice, and the standing up to sing. So refreshing - so full of spirit.

I hope your chalice brings good spirit to your family.