The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Things are.... "happening" around here.

shhh... I don't want to say this too loud (or type it loudly as the case may be) for fear that the children will discover us....but... Alex and I are creating a secret hiding space... one that the kids never have bothered with before.... a space in our house where- we are actually going to be able to GO to, WORK in and CREATE in... without stepping on those dear (*$#^!) little legos or getting tangeled in those darling (gosh-#@*% it!) little babydoll clothes that are strewn through out the entire REST of every surface of our home.
We have a secret door, behind a fireplace... and there's a room in there- and now it's becoming all ours (mwaaaa-haa-haa-haa!)

Also in todays news:
*Kat has strong inner struggle with wanting to pay bills vs. wanting to be at home with children ie: work and "is this really worth it?" and "how do I convey to my bosses that they really need to make this worth it?"
*Alex spends a glorious weekend in the Western part of the state at a "songwriting retreat", where he writes an amazing, heart touching song for his babydoll girl.
*Alex returns from said retreat, enters the house as if on a cloud; refreshed, renewed, rejuvinated... only to have wife (that's me) hand him children quickly and rush off to sanctuary of bedroom where she escapes from a single parented weekend full of puke, snot and fighting children who were puking and snotting. With fevers!
*Babydoll girl gets double ear infection
*Bigbug boy gets shag-nasty virus
*Babysitter quits causing much mayhem and pandemonium. (this is only a day and a half babysitter but STILL... how COULD SHE!)

stay tuned for more updates from the sick-puking-"I wanna be a SAHM again"- "soon to be on her OWN soul seaching SOLO retreat in the western part of the state" little mama and her squishy squashy, feverish little urchins (and don't forget Alex, the songwriting singer)


It's just me... said...

Oh - the grass is always greener.

I know you'll make the best decision but let me just say - being a SAHM is HARD!

That being said - I need to be a WOHM for a little while again (money, money, money!) and I spend lots of time thinking about what everything is worth. Me at home? Me at work? Kids at home? Kids in care?

It is a incredibly hard decision - one that varies for me depending on what bills are due, what state of disaster my house is in, what joy my children have brought me, and what sanity they've stolen. I wish you luck in making your own.

Glad you have found a nook to call your own. Maybe you and Alex need a secret password :)

Hope everyone feels better!

audrirene said...

First of all, I need/WANT a secret room too!

2nd, you are my working mom hero. In order to keep a roof over my head we either have to move asap, borrow incredible amounts of money or me go to work. I think #3 is the best option. I always think if Kat can do it, I can do it. Don't fail me now. lol

I understand your tiredness. It is worse after a week of ickies esp if you are the only one dealing with those ickies. {{{hugs}}} Hope you figure something out.

I spent Friday and I will spend the next 2 days touring preschools. Not what I imagined for Jack, but living out of the car isn't a good option either. lol

Tyra said...

I love to read what you write Kat!! You are a talented writer and I think you should find a way to use that talent to make money!

As for your secret room - may it stay a secret forever. Use it wisely, to much time in there will cause the little one's to try and find you .... and trust me they will find you, and your secret room will become all that much more exciting to them and they will want it for there own!!!!!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! HUGS!