The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


womens lib.... the two year old version

Sage lured me upstairs to the Lego Lair to view his latest "future village creation". The littlest urchin followed- taking the steps two at a time with the excitement of being "invited" into the off-limits brothers room. I admired, with awe, yet again- the amazing creative wonderland that 20 quiet minutes can build in Sage's imagination.
Meanwhile, the littlest one picked up a pretend drill, quietly side-step shuffled over to the brothers bed and stood aloft with drill in hand only to proudly shout "I a MAN... I a FIXIN' MAN!" and proceeded to "pretend drill" into the wall beside the bed.
Shock, hurt, awe- MY shock at her thinking that to "fix" she had to be a "man".
So I said- "you know what sweet thing?... you can still be a "Fixer" if you are a girl!"
I smiled thinking, "the lightbulb will shine any second now when she realizes how great it is that she doesn't HAVE to pretend to be a man"
"But Momma... I a GUY... I want to BE A GUY; a FIXIN' GUY"
"but honey pie, I just want you to know that GIRLS can fix things too... they can do a GREAT job fixing anything!"
She sighed in frustration and turned to me... and in sympathy said
"Don't wowwy mom... I be alright..."

Shame on me. She'll be more than alright... she'll be whoever the hell she wants to be and she'll be great at it.


Jane said...

Oh I love this post! My daughter is so strong and aggressive for a girl. She tells me all the time how she kicks the boys asses at soccer in the school yard and makes them cry. Yet, she has a very girlie side as well.

Seriously, they have those tool kits at the hardware store for females that have flowered handles for the screwdrivers and hammers. Your daughter would probably rock with a girlie set of tools!

Tyra said...

But must you remember how you became such a strong women? Was it from the role models that helped raise you or was it in spite of them?

Your right - she is great no matter what! Sometimes we have such grand idea's we want to share with our kids that we forget they have their own ideas! LOL

Now can you help me convince a little 5 year old BOY that pink is not a girl color and that he can play with the pink pipe cleaners and he can paint with the pink paint and he can pick the pink sticker. That he should embrace pink and enjoy it just like all the other colors in the rainbow! .... did I take that a little to far? Where does he pick up this stuff anyway? Why can't pink just be a color instead of a girl color?

As always, I love hearing about the kids! Sage's leggos sound awesome!

Kim said...

Sounds like Daniel when he tells me that Daddy's grill is outside & the stove is Mommy's grill. Then I started up "daddy's grill" and he said "you know how to use Daddy's grill, Mommy?"