The Reluctant Mermaid

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Old is the new young

well... around here it is anyways. For me, that is. I'm a thirty something woman with a (twice) herniated disc, thorasic outlet syndrome in my right shoulder and I've recently found out that I have arthritis in my right hip. Enough already. I'm ready to say the hell with all of this and start fighting back!
I want to go on pain free walks with my children in this unseasonably warm winter weather... I want to pretend to ride broomsticks with Iris and her new pretend play characture of the month "KiKi". I want to get down on the floor with Sage and build Lego towers and ships and grand species of Bionicles made from all the Bionicle parts combined.
I want to just make it through the day without needing to sit and rest, or lay down and rest or without. stopping. at. all.

So- what is my plan? Well... I have no idea, but I'm not ready to be this old. I'm not ready to let my body go the way of specialists and surgeons.
My first step is to go see my neighbor, who is a chiropractor with fancy decompression machines. He is a wonderful, caring man- as is his wonderful caring wife and I am going to start by putting my trust into their methods.


audrirene said...

I sure hope your doc can help you! You are too young to feel this old! {{{hugs}}}} Are you in any danger for not fixing your back with surgery?

Anonymous said...

Me and my aritificial knee joints feel your pain,
some of us are just 'advanced' in all ways Sister !!

Hang in there

Jane said...

Have you tried acupuncture yet? I had some complications after the birth of my daugher and was told that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed for about 3 weeks. At the time, I had a friend that was an acupuncturist and, after 2 treatments, I was out of bed in a few days.

Whatever it is you decide to do, my healing thoughts are with you! It's time to get yourself back on the floor with those legos :)

dawnisms said...

I feel for you,'re in my thoughts and prayers. I just found out I have a ruptured disk and degenerative disk disease...we're way too young for this!! Hope you feel better soon babe...give me a call!

jenica said...

i hope you can find some answers VERY soon!