The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


This little belly

This little belly can make this little boy do crazy things.
When this little belly is hurting, this little boy can't function.
We thought we had it all figured out by eliminating the gluten, but still... he suffers.
We thought he was actually figuring out a way to hurt himself by with holding... but now we're not so sure.
How many more tests can this little boy endure without freaking out?
How many more INVASIVE exams are necessary before he starts regressing from a brave 7 year old to a scared 2 year old?
Don't the doctors and the teachers KNOW that this little belly is what causes his lack of focus, his failure to complete tasks, his tendency to act up by acting younger?
Wouldn't YOU if you felt this miserable all the time?


It's just me... said...

Oh Kat. I am sorry. And I am so sorry for your little boy. My Celiac has given up on eating and so we are in a whole new journey ourselves.

My heart hurts, aches, for yours, your children, and my own.

I'll be sending thoughts and prayers.

audrirene said...

Poor Sage! {{{hugs}}} for him!

Just Jen said...

the silhouettes are just beautiful...
My heart to you and your little boy...I know what the testing is like. Give him hugs for me!