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Have you ever been called a bitch by someone? Someone who was angry? Why do they choose that word? What the hell does it mean anyways? I mean, the real real meaning of bitch? The historic one.
Today I was called a "classless bitch" and a "two faced bitch" by my former boss. Nice huh? He was angry because I replied to an email he sent me where he was explaining why he didn't pay me what he owed me for back pay. I responded and his reply was to call me a "classless bitch" and then again a "two faced bitch". Ouch. Not nice. That was really really not called for.
So- now I sit here stunned and shocked.
Am I a "bitch" because I asked for what I am owed? or am I a bitch because I brought it up to him when he was hoping I would forget about that money.
It's all so confusing... all this name calling business.
Forget the sticks and stones.... names ALWAYS hurt.
What can I do about this?


audrirene said...

First I would call who ever is in charge of labor in Mass. He legally owes you. Name calling is just him being a very immature angry selfish man who wants to get away with something. save all emails/proof. Names hurt only if you allow them too. I know, you are the sweetest more generous soul out there, so do not let him hurt you any more. {{{hugs}}}

JCK said...

Attorney General's office (617) 727-3465 Have all your documentation ready.

And which toy store was this so I can NOT go there?

(Also, randomly, does your son know about your blog? Because my son recognized him while I was perusing a few weeks ago and said he'd say something to him - but I asked my son not to because I wasn't sure.)

~Kat~ said...

jck... can you email me? I'm:
Are our kids in school together?

jenica said...

he's trying to intimidate you because you caught him. get your papers in order and get your money from his sorry little ass.

Just Jen said...

He's the're fine! I don't find your blog so bitchy, so my guess is, you're not either!
Try to have a Merry Christmas!