The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Life in Bullet Points

*took some time off to care for my neices and nephew while my brother and his wife spent essential time with her mother, who was in her final days of life.

*a beautiful, welcoming, non-judgmental, amazing woman- one who fulfilled my brothers need for a motherly figure when he married her equally amazing daughter passed away after a heroes battle with cancer

*took more time off to come to the aide of my brother and his wife so they could take the time to make final arraingments

*Attended the final celebration of this womans life by attending her funeral, revelling in the beauty she left in the world and feeling so darn lucky that I got to know her

*interviewed for dream job, left interview feeling that they saw the authentic me, felt happy

*had last minute managers meeting at current job (where they have no idea that I am pursuing other interests) to take care of some serious inter-shop bitterness and gossip... which boiled down to one woman on the verge of positive mental health starting fires of rage and upheaval in everyones mind when and where she could

*was viciously verbally attacked by said woman who personally accused ME of "stealing money away from her" for cutting her hours short (I cut EVERYONES hours short... it's what you DO when business is so poor lately that you can't pay people!) and demanded that I "personally pay her the thousands of dollars that she was shorted". She then rampaged so hostilely that she physically came after me and my boss had to HOLD HER BACK.

*cried, shook, was so scared that I almost passed out. Feared for my safety.

*Let unkind thoughts swirl in my head, but never allowed them to surface as I calmly and efficiently hushed this woman into a placid state, dismissed her and then watched her walk out.

*Got home, bawled my eyes out over what happened, poured myself a calming restorative (Shiraz) and then checked my email where I swear, as I opened my "inbox" I heard cherubin angels singing their glories... for in it- there was the email I needed so badly to see- "Job Offer"... it couldn't have come any sooner.


audrirene said...

Thank goodness for the job offer! I assume you are taking it no matter what it is. xoxoxo

Tyra said...

Congratulations. You deserve such a wonderful job! I'm so happy for you!

jenica said...

man! i hate that feeling of being screamed at like that. how scary. i'm just glad you've got something new on the forefront!

Mich said...

Congrats on the job offer! I've missed so much these past weeks ... glad I'm back ...

Rainbows & stardust,