The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


selfless brotherly act #214

(*I record these selfless acts of my little sea urchins with the simple knowledge that someday, like many siblings before them, they will deny with drama and outrage that they ever had affection for each other.... this is one of those "I have proof" moments that I need to store up in my file... not to mention that I just have sticky sweet kids that do heart-thumpingly good things for each other)

Tonight the littlest one did not want to go to bed. This rarely happens. She is the one that; usually in the midst of a fun game- a silly dance or a hearty meal of play food ketchup, orange and butter soup... takes our big finger in her little hand and MARCHES us up to her room where she demands three rounds of "The Eye Book", her kitty binky and then practically hurls herself into the crib with a "don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out" look as you try to blow her ten thousand goodnight kisses... but not tonight. Tonight she screamed over the monitor "I no MAP! I want my daddybubbahmumma NOOoOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!" and she meant business.
So as I'm rocking her, calming her, reading a 42cd round of "The Eye Book" her brother (bubbah) comes in with one of his superspectacular lego creations and just HANDS it to her... just like that! He HANDS her his coveted, hard worked "quadruple, latch-on prime defender mission cuff" that he had painstakingly raked through 40,000 legos in a big blue bin to find the pieces for... and just says in a super sweet voice, "here you go" and leaves the room with his dad without looking back, without hesitating on snatching it away from her (a multi-daily occurance).
sweet sweet SWEET! with sugar on TOP!


Erin said...

I *heart* Sage!

Jennifer said...

What a sacrifice! You must be one proud mom!

jenica said...

what a sweetheart! i love this idea of *proving* love in later years. ;-D my 5 year old is currently potty training my 21 month old. can life be sweeter?

Mich said...

OMG! That was just SO gorgeous!!