The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Striking My Fancy

A few things of late that just strike my fancy... tickle my senses... just downright amuse me:

~*~ my new "handcrafted by a local crafter" bag that I got for half off at my favorite local shop, "Mermaids at Duxbury Bay"

~*~ my boy watching animated films in French with English subtitles..... just because....

~*~ the three part series on PBS: Craft in America

~*~ watching a young couple apply hand sanitizer in synchronized boredom at Moe's while on my lunch break. It makes me wonder which one of them brought up the fact that they should be sanitizing their hands in resturants before they eat... was it just a first date ice breaker and now they just do it all the time? It amuses me.

~*~ seeing kids do the pee-pee dance and then totally denying they have to go when asked.

~*~ old people holding hands

~*~ sneeking peeks at the kids in the arcade mirror that reflects the Dance Dance Revolution game while standing at the register at work

~*~ Dump diving at our town dump where treasures abound. Just today Alex got an old school (holla!) school desk for Sage and brought it home, cleaned it up and spray painted the legs and undercarriage GOLD.... my boy is rockin' out his homework with a bling bling desk now!

~*~ James Morrison (delish)

~*~ looking across the room at my husband and seeing him wink at me

~*~ hearing my youngest urchin say "Cookoo Clock".... "cloooclock"

~*~ Sage's abstract photo study of art supplies

~*~ the handmade wooden play kitchen my brother Chris, Alex and I are making for Iris

~*~ Ani DiFranco's song "As Is"... it's like pouring salt in old faded wounds and having them open up and sting like hell again... but it just feels so necessary (and narcissistic?)

~*~ red cabbage, kale and collard greens in a chopped salad with fresh dill

~*~ the words: forest floor, jumbalaya and gauche

~*~ texting my friend/co-worker Suzanne... and sending pictures of hysterical toy packaging back and forth to each other on our phones while one or the other of us is in the shop... (like the dorky kid with the hitched up pants on the "Make Your Own Clock" box)

~*~ Our new hammock where snuggling with my two urchins is a daily joy.

~*~ Dragonflies

~*~ Fairies

~*~ Mermaids

~*~ Drum Circles

~*~ Love


jenica said...

i laughed out loud at the hand sanitizing observation. but have you ever been around someone who constantly uses it. i found that i started to feel all dirty about myself because i knew they were germ FREE. ;-D

mich said...

Oh I love kids doing the pee pee dance ... and its not just kids ... my dog has it mastered too!

Jennifer said...

LOL at the desk! I found an old school shelf at a garage sale and it still smells of

Anonymous said...

(dies laughing at the couple with the hand santitizer...)
omg! I love your list!!