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We were recently interviewed for a local family newspaper.... all proper names and locations have been edited for privacy. I wouldn't want the paparazzi knowing where we really lived (HA!) The above photos are just a few from the article.

The P______ Family of D______
by Karen C
photos by Jack F
Meet the Family
Alex, 32, and Kat, 32 are the loving parents of two incredible children, their son Sage, 6, and twenty-one month old Iris. They also have an adorable bunny, Ramona.
The P-----'s make their home in a cute, over-sized cottage in D-----. Sage attends The C Elementary School and is in the first grade. Alex is employed as a van driver for the "blahbitty blah blah blah company" based out of P______. "I drive people around who live with their family and need adult day care. I also drive people to their doctors appointments", said Alex. "I've been with the company for two years."
Kat is the General Manager and Buyer for z____!, an ultra-cool toy store in the H_____ Mall, where customers can find really interesting, educational toys that can sometimes be hard to come by. "I have been with z____! since August 2006, and it's a great place to work." said Kat. "I mostly buy children's books. I'm very passionate about quality children's literature". z_____! is having a re-opening in May and Kat has been busy on that project. "I've been trying to put a new spin on the store," Kat said. "I live to be creative and I'm planning a lot of events for both parents and the kids. I have a passion for running z_____!.
Home Sweet Home
According to Kat, the P______ family really enjoys their home life in D______. "Alex and I both grew up in D______. We graduated from D______ High School and now live in the house that Alex grew up in."
Playmates for Sage and Iris abound in the D----- neighborhood the P_____ family calls home. "We are close to our neighbors and there are a lot of children around." said Kat. "Living in the house that Alex grew up in makes me feel happy. Alex knows the ins and outs of the house and I like that."
Family Traditions
According to Alex, family traditions are important to the P______. "we get together for family dinners with both sides of the family. My dad takes Sage to the theatre- he always enjoys attending plays with his grandfather."
Kat chimed in with the fact that the family is of the Unitarian faith and has some different traditions. "We like to celebrate the solstices! We will probably have a pot luck summer solstice party at the house this summer."
Both Sage and Iris were summer babies, so having outdoor parties is fast becoming a family tradition. "It is definitely fun having and outdoor birthday party," said Kat. "Usually water is involved!"
" We had a large ceremonious birthday celebration for Iris when she turned one. It was a beautiful ceremony with a special meaning. After a year of life, you turn the child from within the family circle, outward to the world." said Kat.
"We asked the guests to bring a donation of gift certificates to grocery stores in the area, that we could give to The Box Project," said Alex. "We donated around three hundred dollars that will be used for aid or care during the summer months for needy people."
According to both Kat and Alex, the P_____ family is extremely interested in all forms of arts, from music to theatre to creating wonderful art peices that are displayed on the walls of their home. "My children love art, and so do we," said Kat. "I have a giant closet full of art supplies. We just dig right in."
Sage is extremely social and loves to show people his art journal. "I like special projects and I like to dance," said Sage. "My favorite dance at school is the 'Go Racer' dance. I also like clay and art is so fun!"
Alex's father, M______ P_______ of K______, has always been involved in community theatre and has shown the grandchildren how important the arts are in life. "My dad takes Sage to the theatre. Personally, I love music. I played the saxphone in high school. I play the drums and the guitar and I sing. I enjoy folk music and writing music on the computer." said Alex. "I am working on a kid's album, something that has an edgy rock feel for thirty-something and under families."
According to Kat, the music Alex is creating on the computer is great. "It's really cool! He records the kid's voices and adds them in. It's just cool," she said.
Kat also has art related hobbies. "I love to draw and embroider. I made a doll for Iris and a quilt for Sage. I also enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes," said Kat.
Kat decided to make cooking a hobby because both she and Sage have Celiac Disease. "Celiac is an auto-immune disease. When you eat glutens such as wheat, barley, or rye, the body does not absorb the nutrients from the food," said Kat. "As a family we eat gluten free. We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and plain cooked proteins."
The P______s have been married for almost eight years; they have known each other since the sixth grade and even dated in high school!
"We really started dating our senior year in high school," replied Kat. "We split up our freshman year of college and didn't see each other for almost five years."
"When my mom died, I got back in touch with Kat and she was extremely supportive," said Alex.
The couple is truly a match made in heaven. The house is filled with serenity and calmness and the couple shows a lot of affection towards each other and the children. "I enjoy the fact that Alex is an infinite source of comfort and calm to me, plus he's a great dad!" said Kat.
Alex is equally enchanted with his wife. "She is a beautiful woman and I love that she is an excellent mother. The children are the center of her universe," he said.

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