The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


Kids really DO grow on trees!

Sage always blooms in the summer, when he isn't in a "system" type of environment, which is another reason that makes me want to home school him.
He's an amazing creature... in just a few short weeks he has already learned to ride his bike without training wheels, written "I Love You" in cursive and made his Daddy cry with pride by giving him a very special drawing. He's so focused right now. He's so SMART and witty and handsome and he's cooperative and helpful and wise and loving and I am just overcome by love for this growing boy who will be SEVEN in just about 6 weeks!
Just thought I'd give a shout out to my little goofy goober... I love you boy!


jenica said...

i love it. he's thriving with a natural loving environment. he's no drone. and he doesn't have *emotional problems.* he just needs to be loved the way you love him. ;-D

what a good mama you are!

Audri said...

That is a WONDERFUL picture. It needs to be blown up to a 8x 10 and put in a classy distressed black and silver frame. xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

You are so sweet! He looked so cute in that pic! How did you take it?
If you would like some info on homeschooling a special needs child, there's this awesome yahoo group that I go to. They help with EVERYTHING!!!
Check it out!
Also check out my blog Special needs home education for starter

mich said...

What a great pic ... trust your intuition!