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To much right now...

I've been missing lately... working 13 hour days to get this store open on Saturday. There have been SO many problems with everything from the computer to the orders to the vendors, employees, mall security, product reps... you name it.
Last night my sister in law called to tell me that Grampie isn't doing well. He went into the hospital Monday because he had aspirated some fluid and his O2 count was very low. They thought a round of antibiotics would do the trick but since he's been in there he's had a heart attack, his kidneys are shutting down and they did a swallow test and found he can't swallow... years ago he signed a proxy against heroic measures so this may be it. My brother, sister in law and I are planning to go in today to say goodbye but I'm also thinking that I may get a call this morning saying he didn't make it through the night. I just feel so horrible for my Grammy, who has made caring for him her life.... meanwhile, we (well, my brother Chris and I) have made taking care of Grammy so she CAN feel like she's taking care of Grampy part of OUR life... it's going to be so hard on her... :(

Also Iris has full weaned. I nursed her last friday morning for the last time, then Alex took the kids to the Berkshires for the weekend, his aunt who is in her 70's was Bat Mitzfaed, she never got a chance when she was 13 because girls didn't have the option, so she decided to do it now. Anyways- it was three days away from them, and then for the past two days I've not been home... so that's it... she's weaned... :sob. I'm happy but missing it... she's alright- she's asked a few times and patted my chest and hugged "the na na's" but no more nursing...

Anyways- I won't be back fully until next week when life settles down a bit.


jenica said...

miss your posts. but understand the chaos. good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

I hope your ok.
((((Hugs & Peace)))))