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Lullaby and Goodnight

My sister in law set up a wonderful yahoo group full of the mommies that she knows with babes born within a few years of each other. It (for me) will serve as a place to share my "expertise" (HA- what a JOKE!) with the new mommies and also a place for me to really see the unique way that we each have of parenting. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from these novices ;)
Anyways- today she posted asking how our little ones are sleeping and the more I thought about it- the more it became clear to me what the truth is about my daughters nocturnal habits. And BOY is this a "wake-up" (no pun intended ; ) call for me:

"I was *going* to say that Iris is a great sleeper... but then these strange visions of me
stumbling around in the dark with half lidded eyes, pushing "play" on the CD and
stumbling the stairs with a baby on my hip who was chanting, "waaa waaaa......" (water)
came to view and that would have been a lie.
The truth is, Iris is a great NAPPER... and she's great at diving into her bed at 7:30 and
settling down with a monkey or two under her arms... but she inevitably wakes up
somewhere between Alex and I being REALLY asleep or REALLY REALLY asleep and she
needs *something*.
SO that being said, I know the problem, the problem is that she has come to rely and even
look forward to her sucker parents giving in and having little moonlight visits with her.
The problem isn't her- it's us... we need to be little more consistant about insisting that
she stay in her crib, sans water and monkeys and gypsie flute music... we need to stop
being dependant on all these "tools" to help her sleep and we need to be firm in just going
in, not making eye contact and laying her back down and then leaving."

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jenica said...

totally hear you on this post! my 17 month old NEVER makes it through the night. but somehow because i've slept a solid 4.5 hours, i think that's ok??? i'm learning to let go though and just let her cry it out. so hard...