The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



This is it, the end of my blog. 
 I've been thinking, I just want to preserve things like this- every single thing I wrote, suspended in time.  It's my scrapbook of a former life containing a lot of love, a lot of self discovery, a LOT of parenting material, a little heartache, a lot of struggle, a lot of humor (a TON of humor actually) a lot of creativity... a lot of me.
I've gone away and come back many times.  I've just re-read every single word I ever wrote.  I've printed out the gems, sighed and rolled my eyes at the ridiculous few, cried at the ones that I wish I never wrote.
This is it, the end of my blog.
I'm saying goodbye to a lot of what
 I know but I'm also saying hello to a life that is INCREDIBLE and filled with so much of what I cried that I didn't have back then (shame on me).  I'm a survivor (aren't we all?), I'm a warrior (please believe that you are too), I am completely utterly in love with my life.  Thank you all for your love and support, the journey would have never thrived without you.
This is it, the end of my blog.


Lisa said...

love you, gorgeous woman!!! xoxoxo

Herbalmomma said...

Swim on my Mermaid friend. Loved all your thoughts, struggles, and giggles. You are an amazing human being and forever will conjure up thoughts of sparkles and love in my mind. Love you!!