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CAKE break!

it is my usual customer to offer you up a cupcake (or two or ten) when I need to take a break from TRM to pull my shit together. But, since I have eaten them all myself due to an unusually high stress volume, I'll offer you a leftover slice of Sage's 11th Birthday cake- made gluten free by Sugar Plum Bakery.

During this time I hope to answer the following questions (or maybe you could just answer them for me)

1- did facebook kill my blog?

2- I made a committment to bring all my supplies here once my very dear friend moved, I sorted through what I could keep to work on productively while in my tiny little space... but haven't done a freaking thing. Where did that committment go?

3- I don't work for the devil anymore but I'm still feeling the burn. How do I heal from that?

4- co-parenting with an idiot. any ideas?

5- where the fuck is my red bracelet? Has anyone seen it?

6- dating. want to? need to? scared to?

So there we have it... see you soon.

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