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It's a Major Award. I won it!

I won an award! It's the "Stylish Blogger Award" it sounds so fancy I almost feel like I have to be wearing my fancy drawers just to accept it.

thank you so very much to my new blog friend, Christine of LiveLaughLoveLiquor where she is currently lobbying the fast food industry executives for "Mommy Hour", it's like "Happy Hour" but for Moms... who are about to blow... and need a McVodka. Stat.

Thank you so much!

So I accept this award under the following rules:
1. I must disclose some things about myself
2. Link back the awarding blog, (done! check out livelaughloveliquor).
3. Share the love and name 15 blogs I’m into.
M'kay? Great!

So here I go... disclosing:
My middle name is Audrey
I've broken my left wrist 3 times
I recently stepped completely outside my comfort zone and did something crazy!
I don't always tell people important details (snickersnicker)
one of my favorite childhood memories (besides the farm stand) was in the winter, skating on our own little "bog". My dad would plow a skating rink and a hockey rink when it snowed, he rigged up a spotlight so we could skate at night, he put out a trashcan and a picnic table so that all the neighborhood kids could sit and pull on thier skates, or have a snack and not throw the trash on the ground... it was pure heaven to lay on my back, on the ice, and feel the quiet cold air around me, and look up at the enormous white winter sky and know that I had a place in the world.

2. done

and 3 (this is so hard!!!) here are 15 blogs that I would like to also pass the Stylish Blogger Award baton to:


Anonymous said...

Well deserved! What a cool dad to make you a min rink on the bog!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! I like that. Because I think your blog is awesome.

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Just happened on your blog and it is beautiful!!! Good job!!! Now I am wondering the wild thing you were involved in . . . snicker snicker : )

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your award! And Ouch! About your left wrist. It hurts just thinking about it. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. : )

Carmen said...

yes yes yes!!!
we are stylish and pretty and supercool!
p.s. thank you for thinking of me