The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others



I don't think I ever wore this shirt before... it's been in my closet for well over a year and I can't even remember why I bought it. But I know that I probably didn't wear it because it seemed too "fancy" and "business-like", which is TOTALLY not me. Well, the "business-like" isnt me... and the fancy? I'm workin' on it.
Today, it looks pretty. And because (I think anyways) I've been laying off those "poor lonely heartbroken" glasses of wine and those "let's try to leave it all behind me" vodka cocktails I *think* I actually see the hint of a curvy waist perhaps?
The "tie" on this shirt is ridiculously handy, as it hides the thick bubble of stomache that has been plaguing me ever since I entered my 30's. LOVE that.
So, let me tie up all those loose ends of being sad... and start celebrating that pretty little curve that I see. I like that idea.

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Amelia said...

I like that idea as well. You look great!