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Sweet Retreat :: Feed your SELF

when was the last time you fed your imagination? your body? your mind? your creative power? we would like you to join us in doing all of that and more on this incredible weekend retreat. what's cooking at Sweet Retreat? cooperative meals that we all contribute to, cosy beds and soft cushions to sit with each other in conversation and rest. and the best way to feed your SELF, amazing workshops taught by women who have many deliciously creative courses that they would like to share with you.


nina gilbert :: visual artist
dawn mackechnie :: soul artist
jen shattuck :: word artist
kat pevzner :: jewelry artist
jen lapointe :: zen artist
sherry arons :: health artist
carrie rzasa :: literary artist
lari hart :: massage artist

The cost for two days of pure devine creative bliss is only $50. That's right no lie, $50.
Only 15 spots are available for the 2 day overnight however an unlimited amount of day retreaters are welcome to join us for $15 per day. Meals will be shared and ingredient responsibilities will be on behalf of each attendant. This not only helps to keep the cost down but gives each of us ownership in the purpose of this retreat, to feed our SELF and each other.

RSVP required immediately and full payment
must be mailed to:
Kat Pevzner, *********
by April 17th to hold your spot.
We welcome you to share this invitation with a friend keeping in mind that spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis
A wait list will be generated for spots that may become open due to non payment or cancellation.
call Kat: ******** or Jen *******
Cedar Hill Retreat Center


Nevada Girl said...

If I were on your side of the world I would be there in a heartbeat! Enjoy, it sounds devine! ~Aud

~Kat~ said...

Audri... I wish I could snap my fingers so you would appear here in front of me. This is totally your kind of thing... which... means... that YOU can plan something like this of YOURS in NV!!!!

elissa said...

hello my dear!! It sounds amazing and I know you always benefit greatly from these retreats... at this point I can't commit to anything, because I don't know what our schedule will be/ what we'll be doing/ if we'll be working, etc. Otherwise, I'd totally jump on that.

Michelle Shopped said...

sugar! am i too late? found you thru nina's blog and duxbury's just over the bridge from me, would love to go if still possible, even the day option...

jenica said...

man oh man oh man oh man.
i so wish i could be there.
it will be glorious!

~Kat~ said...

Hi Michelle! I don't have any contact info for you... I asked Nina to pass along the invite to you but if you see this reply first than you can email me at

Damaris said...

if i lived close by I would go. I love the picture