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the problem with being short

the problem with being short is that pants are always too long. Especially when you are not only short but you are slightly, a wee bit um... wide as well.
Yes- there are "petite" pants, but I have never identified as being "petite"... it sounds too much like being a poodle... or my Nana Priscilla... who was so very tiny and little and fragile like a little bird.
So. The solution for me is to buy the pants I like, and then hack the bottoms off... leaving them frayed... like a punk rocker. Ya!
Except the one time that I buy jeans that are just out of reach in my budget but I buy them anyways because I try them on and they make my tush look a little bit Kardashian instead of its usual extra plump self. And I reduce our bank account by at least 20% because as Stacy and Clinton often says "every girl should have a pair of perfect jeans". And who am I to ignore their advice?
Anyways I hacked the bottoms off of those too... and totally misfired. So I was left with awesomely awesome, hieny flattering flood pants. Not cool... not cool. I shoved them in the back of my closet and made myself feel guilty for violating their length for about 5 months. And then I grew a brain and decided to fix them... the following photos tell the story of their resurrection:

mistake mistake mistake... don't ever do this if you paid more than $30 for jeans.

I hope this works... the pins are telling me that this might just work

there's no turning back... the needle has made the decisions and the apples are standing by that.

oh! what do we have here?

looks good but the final test is...

it worked! it worked! it WORKED! Now, this is no excuse for anyone to go hacking the length off their pricey jeans but if, by chance you do... I can help you. SHORTIES UNITE!

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Cindie said...

You made them better with a cool design detail. Act like it was intentional.