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back in the hole

This is ridiculous. I'm thinking of closing down the blog from being so personal since my personal life has pretty much gone down the hole.
I think I may either suspend this one or start a new one just for crafty crap.
Since my last post, I've had major anxiety again requiring yet another medication.... lost my beloved mentor group that I worked SO hard leading and getting trained for. It kind of imploded due to complete conflict.
Stuff has gone down in my marriage (not up for discussion... just take that as fact and move on)
And... the icing on the cake. Iris and I were in a car accident. She is fine, although requiring chiropractic care. I am mostly fine, but am requiring some medical care. The car is totalled. Totally totalled. Now its a matter of paperwork, appointments, health logs, lawyer updates blah blah blah. I'm still very numb from it... can't even think about getting a new car until I can breathe normally whenever I drive in my current car. I am ultra paranoid.
This Just in! There may be developments in my career! This may be the one positive thing I have going right now. I've been asked by a local gallery to use some skills that I have that are NOT being used at my current job. Which is a whole other story. But again, this personal blog may be ending... so lets just leave it at that.
oh- and another rainbow through the clouds... we got a kitten. His name is Totoro and he loves me the best.


Anonymous said...

I hope things even out for you soon and you can get out and stay out of "the hole" you are in.

jenica said...


Schriftstellar said...

If you do decide to close this one down, I'll miss it very much...but if you decide to start another one devoted entirely to craftiness, I'll be so excited!


Maryann said...

I hope it gets better STAT Kat

Love MJ

Audri said...

I am sorry to hear that everything has gone topsy turvy. Do not feel guilty about not blogging about all your personal woes. What you share with the world is up to you. I just hope that you have a few friends you feel close enough to to "tell all" to so you don't explode! Or implode depending on what you are holding in. ;) I would love a crafty blog. I should do one of those too then I may feel up to doing more. xoxoxo I am hear for you, just an email, text or call away. Oh, my bestest RL friend is moving to Portsmouth next month. I may go and visit sometime. Not that far from you, is it? The new career sounds GREAT!

~Kat~ said...

Aud! It's about an hour from me!!!!