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one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


"it's my favorite and my best" issue # 3

BLOG: No Appropriate Behavior she's a real mommy- sailor mouth and all and I *think* that not only is she gluten free but she may be a UU as well?... if I'm wrong then shame on me for judging- it doesn't matter anyways- she's a wicked cool chick who names all her posts after song titles.

READ: Motherwords Magazine. Word Mama. This mag is not a fluffy vanilla "parenting magazine" full of tips about diaper rash and sibling rivalry- no no no sistah's... "every Mother Has a Story... what's yours?" is their tag line. Is that an open invitation for the truth about mothering or what? I got my first issue in the mail yesterday and I'm trying to pace myself so I can prolong the magic of this read. Bonus! This month features an in depth interview with Shonda Schilling (yes, of the "husband with the famous pitch... and that disgusting bloody sock" fame) She talks about a cause near and dear to my heart.

EAT: Little Lad's Herbal Corn
seriously- my kids fight over who gets to scoop up the nutritional yeast and herb seasoning left at the bottom of the bowl... I said "NUTRITIONAL YEAST" internets... don't tell them what it really is...

CAUSE: If you're in the South Shore area of Massachusetts on Thursday August 14, check out this documentary screening of The Business of Being Born" An important film about how birthing has been taken to business heights- at the expense of the expectant parent. Check out the details here (you need to rsvp) but all proceeds go to benefit The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

IMAGE: these birds What else did you think it would be? geesh! Don't you know me by now?

SONG: Human Thing by the Be Good Tanyas. Quite possibly the most beautiful music video ever... they should mass market this to women of low body image because there is no way you can watch this without feeling like the body is a beautiful thing- always.

SHOP: SCHOOL IS ALMOST IN SESSION!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!! YAAAAHHHH!!!! YEEEEE-HAAAWWWW!!!!! Um... I mean, ahem... sadly, summer is drawing to a close and all those bonding moments that I've had with the wee ones while I try to teach them why screaming point blank in each others faces gets them no where... those moments in the grocery store wearing my "mother is mad" glare while they smear the candy at the checkout with their little touchy touch hands... the "Please STOP spraying the house with the hose!" pleas that end in them spraying ME with the hose... ya- good times, good times. But to help myself cope- I look forward to doing some theraputic BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! And I think I found the perfect shirt for Sage to start the year off with a bang: "I believe in SCIENCE!"


Anonymous said...

I love everything you wrote about school because I totally agree!!! Add to that the cooler days and my heart just sings. But nothing will beat every Monday when I will be ALONE for 2 1/2 hours!!! Happiness!!! Oh, wait, should I be sad? Nah!
Thanks for asking about Joseph. Last week it turned out that he and Olivia both had coxsackie (hand/foot/mouth)-her fever came later that day. But don't fret because currently he is on day 3 of a stomach bug. I was sick like him every month until age 6 when I had my tonsils out. I will have his checked out. Also, I need to educate myself on this gluten thing. I tried changing my diet in winter of 2007 because I had continuous sinus infections, and never felt better. But the diet was SO hard that I dropped out. I am very suspicious that Joseph may have a sensitivity to it as well. I will be checking out all your links for some tips. Could it be why he hates to eat? He is super skinny (age 4.5 and 36 pounds) and he is the skinniest tiniest kid compared to other kids his age, and his sister who is 2 years younger and a lover of food :) And no, his pedi does not seem too concerned, but in this situation I really believe I need to be more aggressive .

Jane said...

Awesome post! I can't believe school will be in session soon and I haven't even ordered my son's uniform clothes yet!

I love The Be Good Tanyas...I'll have to check this out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

capello said...

oh yeah, i'm a UU. i even find myself singing "go now in peace" everytime the children piss me off. which is multiple times a day.

~Kat~ said...

HA! "may the spirit of love surround you" (so I don't throttle you that is)
Thanks for stopping by Capello... you know how UU's hate to throw judgement out there so I didn't mean to call you out of the closet on that- I just thought it was interesting how much we seemed to have in common. :)