The Reluctant Mermaid

one woman unwilling to swim in the same direction as the others


"It's my favorite and my best"

"Charlie" said Lola, "I do love pink milk; it's my favorite and my best!"
~from Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola book series

Here are a few of my "favorite" and "bests" this week:

Food: skip gleefully, don't walk to your local Trader Joes where you can spoonfeed yourself a creamy, thick Greek Style Pomegranate yogurt (followed closely by the fire roasted tomato salsa... but not in rapid succession, that's just asking for a bellyache!)

Blogs: The Artful Parent There is a whole lot of fun going on at their "messy party"

Jewelry: This little number from The Farm Chicks The Spring Burst one made my mothers day all the sweeter by adding vintage wallpaper to my necklace collection

Show: What the hell is going on with Whitney and Spencer? Why is Stephanie putting up with all his couch potato-ness and the eating of all the turkey? Yes people... I am an avid closet fan of "The Hills". So shoot me... (but first check out those fabulous black pumps that Lauren Conrad was wearing this week)

Cause: Setting the Sun on Melanoma, a fundraising walk this fall organized by my sweet amazing sister in law (who happens to double as one of my most favorite and best people) who lost her mother last September. A cause so near and dear to our own hearts after losing my own mother in law to the same tragic cancer.

Song: this one sung loud and proud (in my head, I'm shy about singing)

Book: Mary Oliver, Red Bird That woman sure as hell can rock out with nature in the most serene and observant poetry. ever.

Quote: The reference to a spent dandelion, made by my wonderific and follicularly challenged friend Jen: here (Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!)

Image: Two Egg Birds from theflashbulb's etsy shop. Sewn art. Word.


Schriftstellar said...

The first thing I have to say is that you should make this a weekly feature. Seriously!

Also, you know what a big fan I am of Mary Oliver, but have I ever told you how much I love Charlie and Lola? Lauren Child is just so awesome.

That Farm Chicks jewelry is beautiful, too---will you wear the pendant soon so I can see it?

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes---I surely do appreciate them!

~Kat~ said...

I would love to make this a weekly feature! Where do you think I got this "brilliant" idea Ms."Many Brilliant Ideas That Other People Like To Make Their Own"?
Have fun at MF tonight!!!!

Shelly! said...

Kat - I think we are soul sisters. I bought a necklace from Farm Chicks last week for a friend, downloaded Sandi Thom on iTunes a couple of weeks ago, and while I don't watch the Hills had to come out of the closet with my American Idol.

Loved this post! Thanks for reminding me of why I love your blog so much and for giving me some new things to look at.