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First Official Mermaid ~*giveaway*~ to one closet reader!

So... you're reading my blog are you? It's okay... really... sometimes I'm shy too. But hey- I'd love to get to know you so let's make a deal. If you're reading this blog regularly and you love it, leave me a comment about your favorite post of mine and we'll be BFF. Seriously.
Are you a mama? Do you "sling" your kids around? Or do you know anyone who would love a BRAND NEW Hotsling?
I bought this, (size 3, medium in STRIpE- the one pictured above... and no, that's not me or my child.. my child would be bigger, sassy-er and probably rolling her eyes at me for insulting her with the thought that she could still ride in a sling. And me? Well I'm more "plush", without that hip hair and I haven't succumed to teeth whitening like that fine lady has) fooling myself into thinking that my wiggly, "no mama... I WALK" two year old could be somewhat "contained" by slinging her in a hip carry when we were out and about. GOD was I ever wrong. She humored me for all of 5 minutes and then promptly and clearly, in so many words said "get me the hell out of here lady... I'm not a baby".
SO- I have this brand new, still in the package (but used for 5 minutes) HOTSLING, (instructional DVD included) that I would love to send to someone.
I'll give you until Monday night (October 22) by midnight to convice you that my blog is worthy of your readingness... so post a comment on this thread and I'll have one of my spawn choose a random winner. Winners will be announced on this blog by *sometime tuesday (I'm trying not to kid myself that I will actually find the time that day... thus the need to be vague). We'll exchange info and the sling is yours. 'Kay?
Love you... love your hair~


*regular readers can post too... sorry- forgot to mention that.
*this sling retails for about $40 bucks or so... but being the savvy thrift queen that I am, I will disclose to you that I got it on clearance for $19.99. I rock.


Lesha said...

~comes out of the woodwork~ :)

Great giveaway!

Pam said...

I saw your comment on another blog and thought I'd answer real quick - oatmeal is gluten free, however it's typically contaminated with wheat so celiacs can't have it. There are now companies that make oats completely uncontaminated however. So look them up at and enjoy your oatmeal in a bowl or in some no-bake cookies:)

audrirene said...

What a wonderful give away. Hope shopping went well yesterday!

Just Jen said...

I hope you find someone! I can relate to that, my youngest didn't like the sling when he was a
It looks really cool though and it might have worked for a few of my daycare kids. Don't do that anymore

Candes said...

Sneak sneak sneak... Here I am... Have never used a sling, but hear they are all the rage now.